XSites Blog

Using your blog, you can drive traffic to your site by creating interest in your content — both for your visitors and the search engines. Adding your recent blog posts to your Dynamic Content is a great way to keep your blog in your site visitors' minds.

You'll need to activate your blog and create posts before this feature will work properly, so click here to get started on your blog.

To add your most recent blog posts to your Dynamic Content:

  1. Access the Dynamic Content editor for the page where you want to add your blog posts.
  2. Click on the XSites Blog tab, and check the box on that tab to enable this section of the Dynamic Content.
  3. Type a title for this section in the Section Title field.
  4. Choose the number of posts to display from the drop‑down menu.
  5. If you own XSellerate, you may choose to include a button that allows your site visitors to subscribe to your blog. For more information about managing your subscribers, click here.
  6. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the window.