Stamp Mode

TOTAL Sketch's Stamp Mode allows you to place multiple copies of the same label or icon on your sketch without having to reselect it each time.  It effectively creates an electronic stamp out of the next symbol or label you select so that you can simply click your sketch repeatedly to place multiple copies of the same symbol or label.  To enable Stamp Mode in TOTAL Sketch:

  1. In a sketch, click the Labels or Symbols tab in the Sketch panel on the right, depending on which type of item you wish to place on your sketch.
  2. At the top of the list, check the box beside Stamp Mode to enable it.

  3. Finally, select the label or symbol you wish to stamp onto your sketch.
  4. Click to place as many copies of the selected symbol or label as you wish.
  5. Then, when finished, return to the Symbols or Labels menu (depending on which type of item you placed on your sketch), and uncheck Stamp Mode box at the top of the list to disable it, or select a different symbol or icon to continue stamping with a different item.