By default, the Properties panel displays general sketching options such as the ability to hide and show the grid, change the unit of measure, modify the scale, change the font and font size, and more. But, the Properties panel is also context sensitive — meaning the available options change based on what is currently selected or where you are in the sketch. The Properties panel is essentially intended to replace the right‑click menus — anything that would normally require you to right-click in order to modify has now been added to the Properties or Actions panel for convenience.


When an area is selected, the following options are available:

Area Name
The label TOTAL Sketch places on the area.
Show Area Name
Shows or hides the area's label.
Show Perimeter
Includes the total perimeter of the area below the area's label.
Show Area Calculation
Includes the total calculated area of the region below its label.
Area Multiplier
Multiplies the area's square footage in the total calculation, increase or decrease the multiplier using the up and down arrows.
Foreground Color/Opacity
Controls the inner fill color of the area and its opaqueness. Click the Foreground Color box to select a color and use the opacity slider to increase or decrease the clearness of the fill color.
Background Color/Opacity
Select a background fill color and adjust the opacity (opaqueness) of the background to apply the change to your area.
Applies a pattern or texture to the background of the area.
Applies a gradual color transition to the foreground color of your area. Select a foreground color and gradient style from the provided controls to preview the transition in the box above the Gradient dropdown.

Area Lines/Free‑form Lines

When a free‑form line or area line is selected, the following options are displayed:

Adjust the length of the line using your keyboard or the arrows.
Base Angle
Adjust the base angle of the wall.
Line Color/Opacity/Style/Width
Adjusts the color, transparency, thickness, and style of the selected line.


With a symbol selected, the Properties panel allows you to adjust the width and height dimensions, as well as the ability to constrain the proportions while resizing.

Text & Labels

With a label or text selected, the Properties panel allows you to modify the font type, font size, and font format options.