View the XML Data

Viewing the XML Data


MISMO XML files contain a subset of the report data in a format that's easily understood by a wide variety of software. This makes the MISMO XML format useful for any financial institution that wants to quickly perform analytics based on the valuation data available in their appraisals.

To see the data in your MISMO XML file, open the file and click View XML at the top of the window.

Most humans don't read raw XML data very naturally, which is why UAD Reader is so handy. When you're viewing the XML in UAD Reader, you'll see a split screen view. At the top, you'll see the raw XML data exactly as it appears in the file. Below that, you'll see how that XML data would appear on the major form in the report:

There are a few things you can do while viewing the XML in the split-screen:

Keep in mind, the XML file doesn't contain the raw data for the entire report - only a subset of the data that's been standardized by the GSEs. So, when you're viewing the XML, some fields in the form view will not contain any data. If you're concerned that a field is actually blank, you can click View PDF to see the original report as prepared by the appraiser.

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