Schedule an inspection

It is often important for an office to have an accurate picture of the an appraiser's availability. Updating orders as inspections are scheduled using Add Status in the order details screen helps to maintain an accurate schedule for the individual appraiser and the office as a whole.

  1. From the order details, click Add Status in the top toolbar.

  2. Choose Inspection Scheduled from the drop‑down menu.

    An appraiser must be assigned to the order before you can schedule an inspection
  3. Enter the inspection date, or click the calendar icon (  ) to select the inspection date from a calendar.

  4. Next, review the availability for the appraiser assigned to this order and view the distances between your office and the inspections scheduled for this appraiser. There are two views to help with this:

    Time blocks are displayed by default as 2‑hour blocks. Adjust the time blocks to display in 1, 2, 3, or 4‑hour blocks in the Orders section of your Order Settings.
  5. Click the schedule icon (  )  below the appropriate hour to select that time slot.
  6. If you wish to include any notes with the change in status, type them in the available field.

  7. If you want to send a notification to the client(s) informing them about the status change, check the Send email to client with notes box. Then, enter the recipient information and a subject in the fields that appear.

  8. When you're finished, click Save. Then click Close in the Order Details to return to your list of orders.