Using Flash Content

Using the Content Editor you can insert a Flash (SWF) file into your web page, allowing you to make anything from fancy forms, to videos, to special effects.


Creating Flash files is beyond the scope of this user's guide and our support staff.  If you believe that custom Flash content will add value to your site, consult a web design professional for assistance designing and implementing this content.

  1. In the Content Editor, click the Flash Manager icon (  ) in the toolbar.

  2. From the Flash Manager screen, select the Flash file you wish to insert into your page.  If you need to upload a flash file, click the Upload Flash tab.

  3. Using the fields provided specify the Width and Height of the Flash player in your page.  In addition, you can specify alignment, "video" quality, background color, and other behaviors of the Flash file.
  4. To preview your Flash file before inserting it into your site, check the Switch to Preview Mode box.
  5. When you're satisfied with the placement and characteristics of your Flash file, click Insert to place it in your page.