One of the handy tools found in My Office quickly find contacts, appointments, and help documentation.


Search Contacts

To find a contact:

  1. Click the Search Contacts option in the panel.
  2. In the pop-out menu, type the information you'd like to search for in the Look for field.
  3. From the Search drop-down menu, select which Contact field you'd like to look in: first name, last name, company, etc.
  4. Click Search and your results appear in a new window.


Search My Schedule

To find an appointment:

  1. Click the Search My Schedule option in the panel.
  2. In the pop-out menu, select a date range to search using the calendar icons ( Calendar Icon ) in the From and To fields.
  3. Now, type a keyword or other item into the Look for text box and click Search.  Any appointments in your calendar within that date range and containing the text you entered are displayed in a new window.
  4. Checking the Completed box displays any previously completed appointments, as well as those that are currently active or scheduled in the future.

    You can fill out as many or as few of the search fields as you like.  Leaving all of the fields blank and clicking search returns a complete list of all your appointments.


Search Help

To find help:

  1. Click the Search Help option in the panel.
  2. In the pop-out menu, type a search phrase and click Search.
  3. Then, review the topics and Tech Docs listed in the search results until you find the assistance you need.