Launching XSellerate

While your XSellerate software comes complete with a contact manager, schedule, and task manager, at its heart, it is a marketing tool. To access the marketing area of XSellerate where you can create marketing campaigns and mailers, click XSellerate in the main toolbar. Then, inside XSellerete, the primary main page is segmented into three panes:

  1. Campaigns — This pane shows all of the campaigns you've created, and their current status. Click on any campaign in the list and you can see, at a glance, you can tell which recipients are getting that campaign, which ads are included in it and whether there were any errors. You can also quickly activate or deactivate the campaign, or copy it to create a new one.
  2. Configure — This section of the home page gives you access to set the various options for how XSellerate works. You can also access the help resources available.
  3. Settings — Use the Settings tool to configure certain defaults for XSellerate, such as how you normally build your campaigns, how you schedule them and which ads you normally see.
  4. Current Campaign Activity — The main portion of the XSellerate home page is devoted to providing you information about how your campaigns are doing. The main pane shows which campaign ads are scheduled to ship this week, month or near future, and any errors that may have occurred. Click one of the links at the top of the pane to change the time frame.