Find a Real Estate Pro

Real estate is an industry that thrives on the relationships built between the various market participants.  Agents work with mortgage brokers to give their customers the best rates.  Brokers contract appraisers to protect their investments.  Inspectors assure the parties that the property is sound.  Since a la mode provides software in each of these markets, we've been able to build a nationwide network of real estate professionals which you can search to find someone outside your usual contact group.

  1. From the My Office screen, click the Find a Real Estate Professional link in the XSites Network pane.

  2. In the pop up menu, enter as much information as you have into the text boxes.  The more data you enter, the more refined your search will be.
  3. Click the check box or boxes on the right to indicate what kind of company you'd like to find.  You can select as many as are applicable.
  4. Click Search and your results are displayed in a new window.  Jot down the contact information, or click the URL to visit the company web site.  Click OK to close the window.