Unsubscribing Contacts

These days, SPAM seems to be a daily part of our lives.  And as we find our mailboxes filling with SPAM, the general public's perception of SPAM continues to expand.  In an effort to combat this, legislators produced the CAN-SPAM Act to define SPAM and the ground rules for legally mass-mailing your client base.  And to ensure that you don't need to worry about all the details of this legislation, your XSellerate automated e‑mail system automatically takes all of these items into account when you send out e‑mail ads.

Despite this, many Internet Service Providers (ISP's) provide tools to help their customers combat perceived SPAM and, regardless of the value of such tools, this kind of interference can cause your e‑mail messages to be blocked or, worse yet, for your e‑mail address to be flagged as a spammer's address.  If an XSellerate ad recipient flags your message as a SPAM, in many cases, their ISP will label your e‑mail address as a spammer's address (temporarily) and will send out a notice of this.  When this occurs, we relay a notice to you to fully explain the implications and you can typically shake the "spammer" label by simply waiting a few days.  In order to ensure that you can continually deliver legitimate ad e‑mail through XSellerate without concern for one or two recipients who decide to regularly flag your message as SPAM, you can manually remove any e‑mail account from an XSellerate campaign.

To remove a contact from an XSellerate campaign:

  1. You must remove the contact from any contact groups that you've created
  2. You must remove the contact's e‑mail address from any active campaigns in your XSellerate account


Removing Contacts from Contact Groups

Depending on the type of XSellerate account that you have, the process for removing a contact from a contact group varies slightly.


If you have an appraiser copy of XSellerate:

  1. From your contact manager, find a contact you want to unsubscribe from future ad campaigns.
  2. Double-click to edit the contact and click the Member of Groups link in the upper right corner of the screen.

  3. In the screen that appears, uncheck every box and click OK.  Then, click Save to update the contact.


If you have an agent or mortgage copy of XSellerate:

  1. From your contact manager, find a contact you want to unsubscribe from future ad campaigns.
  2. Double-click to edit the contact and click the Groups section towards the bottom of the contact's details.

  3. In the section that appears, uncheck every box and click Save to update the contact.


Removing Contacts from XSellerate Campaigns

To remove contacts from XSellerate campaigns:

  1. In XSellerate, click the first campaign in the Campaigns panel on the left and then click Edit in the balloon that appears.
  2. When the Select Recipients step appears, look through the Contacts section of the Selected Recipients list on the right for the e‑mail address you wish to remove.
  3. Click the e‑mail address you want to remove and then click the red left arrow to remove the contact from the campaign.  Then, click Save.
  4. Now, click the XSellerate Home button in the top toolbar and repeat these steps for the remaining campaigns in the Campaigns list.

Once you've removed the e‑mail address from every XSellerate campaign, you have unsubscribed the contact.  Just remember not to enroll that contact into any other campaigns or marketing groups in the future as that will add them back to your subscription list.