Import Files

If you prefer not to use the automatic backup feature, or you need to upload a file before the scheduled time, you can upload individual files through Titan's Appraisal Desktop:

  1. Log in to Titan Reports.
  2. Click Import and browse for the file you want to upload.

    In TOTAL, your files are located in C:\Users\​*Your User Name*\​Documents\​a la mode\​Reports (My Reports) or C:\Users\​Public\​Documents\​a la mode\​Reports (Shared Reports). If you're using WinTOTAL, your files are located in the FILES folder inside your WinTOTAL installation directory — the default location is C:\a la mode\​WinTOTAL\​FILES.
  3. When you find the file you want to upload, select it from the list, and click Open.
  4. When it finishes uploading your file, click Close to return to the list of stored files.