Job types

Before your clients can begin placing orders on your website, you first need to set up the list of products you offer through your appraisal business. Titan Office frees you to use any of the industry standard products like a URAR/Full Appraisal or any custom product that you offer. To set up your product list:

  1. From the Fees section of Titan Office, click Job Types on the left.
  2. Review the list of job types. If a product that you offer isn't listed, click Add Job Type. Or, double‑click an existing product to edit the details. Product details include:

  3. Click Save. Job types are active immediately, to deactivate a job types un‑check the box in the Active column next to each job type

Once you've configured your list of job types, set up client‑specific fees, turnaround times, and more to cater to good clients.