Creating Contact Groups

When you enter or edit a contact, you're able to assign that contact to contact groups.  Contact groups give you a way to organize contacts in addition to the pre-defined categories we provide.  For example, you may want to be able to group clients into categories such as “Regular clients”, “Out of state clients”, “Non-lender clients ”, etc.  Groups give you the freedom to do this and each contact can also be a member of multiple groups.  By categorizing your contacts like this you have a lot more flexibility when setting up XSellerate campaigns or filtering your contact list.  To build and manage your groups:

  1. In the contact manager, click Tools.
  2. Then, click Group Management.  From here you can:
  3. Click OK when finished to return to the contact manager.

Remember that you can automatically assign the contacts you gather from Lead Capture forms to a group as well.  To set that up, go to the Lead Capture forms area of your XSite, click PowerView and then under each page using a form, select the group to which those contacts belong.  For example, if you have a PMI removal page on your website with a data capture form on it, you can assign everyone that responds to that form to a custom “PMI Removal” group.  The possibilities are endless!