Finding Contacts

As you add contacts to your contact manager, it quickly becomes important to have a variety of ways you can use to find the right contact at the right time.  The contact manager provides several ways you can use to find the contacts you need.

Searching for Contacts

To search through your contacts:

  1. In the contact manager, type a search term in the Search For box.
  2. Select an item to search through from the drop-down menu beside the Search For box.  For instance, if you typed the last name into the Search For box, you would select Last Name from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Find to search your contacts for the typed phrase.


Filtering Contacts

To filter your contacts to those that meet certain criteria:

  1. In the contact manager, decide how you want to filter your contacts.  Options are:
  2. To apply a Type or Group filter, just select the Group or Type you want to work with from the appropriate Filters list to the upper right of your contact manager.  To apply a name filter, just click the letter of the contact's last name (or company name if you're working in company view) in the top toolbar.
  3. When you're finished working with the current filtered set of contacts, return to your full contact list by clicking View, My Contacts.


Applying Contact Views

The last way you can find contacts is by applying contact views.  While contact views are similar to contact filters in that they limit the list of contacts to those that fit certain criteria, they also provide additional functionality that is unavailable in other contact views.  To apply a contact view:

  1. In the contact manager, decide which contact view you want to apply.  Options are:
  2. Once you've selected an appropriate view, click the View menu and select your desired contact view.

  3. Any additional functions that apply to the current view appear in the Tools menu.  Use those functions or apply changes as necessary.
  4. When finished, return to the "All Contacts" view by clicking View, My Contacts.