Creating Contacts

The contacts in your XSite are designed to help you track Client Data that has been captured and continue your marketing efforts.  All the Lead Capture forms in the XSites family of products add contacts into this system.

There are two kinds of contacts you can add to your database: Individuals and Companies.  Of course, any individual can be associated with a company, eliminating the need to retype information like the office address and phone number.

In addition, each individual can have other attributes:

Having an address book naturally keeps you from having to retype e-mail addresses.  Plus, the contacts you add integrate with our other products and features that rely on an address book.  To add a contact:

  1. In the contact manager, click Add and then click Add Contact in the menu.

  2. Expand each section of the contact details by clicking the arrow to the right of each header.  Available sections are:
  3. Then, enter any necessary information into the fields provided.  Depending on which contact information you edit, you may have other options presented to you.
  4. When you're finished editing your contact, click Save to apply your changes.