Your XSite comes complete with a full-featured contact manager.  Because it is completely web-based, you have access to your full address book regardless of whether you're at your computer or in the field with only a mobile device.  Just click Contacts in the My Office section of your site's Admin area to access your online contact manager.

Your complete address book can be stored online with Contacts in your XSite and CertMail.  Like the rest of your XSite, it only takes a browser to access it.  You should find the contacts easy and intuitive to use and also enjoy features like being able to store company information so it doesn't have to be retyped for each contact in one office as well as being able to group contacts into categories you setup yourself.

If you're accessing contacts through your XSite, just click Contacts in the toolbar at the top.  Otherwise you can also access them through CertMail's WebMail interface.

After logging into your XSite, just click Contacts in the toolbar at the top to get to your address book.

Each account you create gets its own list of contacts so if you need to keep them separate, you're equipped to do so.