TOTAL Connect - January 6, 2015 Update

This document details the changes for TOTAL Connect, released January 06, 2015.

Document 9807  |  Last updated:  08/14/2013 ACN

This update contains improvements throughout TOTAL Connect.

New Features:

  • Enhanced workflow when delivering to Valuation Support Services

    If you deliver reports to Valuation Support Services (VSS), you’ve got a new delivery workflow to save you valuable time and eliminate hassles. With the new TOTAL Connect Pro Pre‑Delivery Check, you’re able to work through VSS’ ProQuality Review before signing your report and starting delivery. This means you’re now able to see any issues flagged by the VSS ProQuality Review and make changes in your report simultaneously, before delivery. To learn more about this change and your new VSS delivery workflow, visit

TOTAL Connect — General

  • Clicking the ‘Forgot Password?’ button on TOTAL Connect’s Sign In screen will now correctly direct you to Mercury Network’s password retrieval page.

TOTAL Connect — Order Management

  • Entries that are automatically updated in Order History when an order requires a status update will no longer be incorrectly labeled as being added by the vendor.

TOTAL Connect Pro — Mercury Network plugin

  • Sending a report that’s not required in MISMO XML format via the Mercury Network plugin will now appropriately allow delivery of the file in PDF format.

TOTAL Connect Pro — AppraisalPort plugin

  • In the AppraisalPort plugin’s ‘Select pages to send’ step, the Unmark All link now appropriately deselects all report forms so they won’t be converted to ENV (AI Ready) format.

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