TOTAL Connect - September 17 2014 Update

This document details the changes for TOTAL Connect, released September 17, 2014.

Document 9806  |  Last updated:  09/11/2014 ACN

This update contains improvements throughout TOTAL Connect.

New Features:

  • All order details are now synced live in TOTAL Connect

    TOTAL Connect will show you the most current order information because it now syncs to Mercury Network in real time. In the past, you could have seen older information if there was a lag, but we’ve restructured the way information is shared so you’re always shown the most current information in TOTAL Connect when you refresh your orders.

  • Automatically sign into Mercury Network

    Now, you’ll save valuable time by automatically signing in to Mercury Network from TOTAL Connect with a click of the mouse. You can get to Mercury Network from TOTAL Connect’s Tools menu, or from a particular order’s details.

  • New Order Summary section at the top of Order Details

    In TOTAL Connect’s Order Details view, we’ve added a new section to save you time by showing the most important details at a glance. We’ll continue to expand this section, so send us your feedback about order info you’d like to see here.

TOTAL Connect — General

  • TOTAL Connect now pulls the order information it shows directly from Mercury Network when it’s opened and when orders are refreshed to ensure all order information is accurate and up‑to‑date.
  • The TOTAL Connect User’s Guide can now be correctly accessed from the Help menu.
  • Implemented measures so TOTAL Connect won’t prompt users about installing updates if they don’t have administrative rights if their company’s network security prevents non‑admin users from downloading and installing software updates.

TOTAL Connect — Order Management

  • The way TOTAL Connect displays the orders in each status folder has been improved. Your orders are now organized and displayed in pages, as opposed to a list of all orders in the selected folder.

TOTAL Connect — Mercury Network plugin

  • The Mercury Network plugin’s UARR Review no longer incorrectly triggers a rule stating that comparable(s) Net adjustment must be equal to the sum of all adjustments in error.
  • The Mercury Network plugin’s UARR Review now accepts 0.00 as a valid Proximity to Subject per UAD guidelines.

TOTAL Connect — AppraisalPort plugin

  • The Mark All and Un‑mark All links seen during the AI Ready report form conversion step now work properly.
  • Display issues are now prevented when viewing recently converted AI Ready files in Conversion Details during AppraisalPort delivery if Windows’ display settings have been configured to increase the font size on your PC.
  • When converting an Exterior‑Only Cooperative [2095] form to AI Ready format, the data in the High and Low Co‑op Price fields will now be accurate.
  • Corrected an issue which could cause sales comparison data in the Desktop Qualitative [2065] form to shift into incorrect fields in the AI Ready (.ENV) file that’s created after AI Ready conversion.

TOTAL Connect — DataCourier plugin

  • Special characters can no longer be included in the To: or From: e‑mail address fields when delivering via the DataCourier plugin because their presence prevents the person receiving the report from being able to view it.
  • The file sizes of appraisal reports delivered to clients via the new & improved DataCourier plugin have been greatly reduced, further improving the speed of DataCourier delivery.

TOTAL Connect — Valuation Support Services (VSS) plugin

  • When delivering a report with a non‑UAD major form which supports MISMO XML (1004C, 1025, 2090, and 2095) to the Valuation Support Services plugin, a MISMO 2.6 XML will be created and delivered to the client with the report.

TOTAL Connect — PCV Murcor plugin

  • When delivering a major form that doesn't match the form specified in a PCV Murcor order, the PCV plugin will now display a message indicating which form is needed.

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