TOTAL Connect - August 6, 2014 Update

This document details the changes for TOTAL Connect, released August 06, 2014.

Document 9805  |  Last updated:  07/14/2014 ACN

This update contains improvements throughout TOTAL Connect.

New Features:

  • DataCourier delivery is now powered by TOTAL Connect

    TOTAL Connect is now powering all DataCourier deliveries, and we’ve made significant improvements to increase delivery speed

  • Attach documents in TOTAL Connect

    Now you can attach documents to your orders from within TOTAL Connect via a new Attach Documents button in the Documents tab.

TOTAL Connect — General

  • Delivering a report from TOTAL/WinTOTAL Aurora when TOTAL Connect is configured to automatically sign in as another user who doesn’t manage the current order will now prompt to select the order being delivered.
  • Reports delivered while your TOTAL Connect Pro contract is valid can no longer be re‑delivered after your TOTAL Connect Pro contract expires without renewing your membership.
  • TOTAL Connect is now prepared to create the backend records for new users, which are needed to be an appraiser on Mercury Network, when signing into it before any of Mercury Network’s other order management interfaces.
  • Made significant enhancements to TOTAL Connect’s “back‑end” structure to reduce the need for mandatory updates.

TOTAL Connect — Order Management

  • Documents that contain an ampersand (&) in their name will now show properly in the Documents tab in TOTAL Connect.
  • The information shown in the Contacts tab will now be properly cleared when clicking away from the order it was displayed for.
  • The ability to attach documents to your orders from within TOTAL Connect is now available via the Attach Documents button in the Documents tab.
  • Deleting a document from within TOTAL Connect will now add a Document Deleted entry to Order History.
  • Orders with a canceled revision request will now properly return to the appropriate quality review status folder.

TOTAL Connect — Plugins

  • The Valuation Support Services (VSS) plugin will now allow passwords comprised of more than 10 characters.
  • Improved the instructions shown when delivering a report with the LSI plugin so that they’re easier to understand.
  • Delivering a report via the PCV Murcor plugin will no longer fail while running the review rules if the HOA field is blank in the appraisal report.

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