TOTAL Connect May 21st, 2014 Update

This document details the changes for TOTAL Connect, released May 21, 2014.

Document 9804  |  Last updated:  02/15/2017 ACN

This update contains improvements throughout TOTAL Connect.

New Features:

  • Manage order documents in the new "Documents" tab

    Now, you can manage documents attached to your orders from TOTAL Connect via a new "Documents" tab in Order Details. From the "Documents" tab, you're able to view, delete, or save documents to your computer.

  • You’ll now be alerted if an issue or outage occurs

    TOTAL Connect now has the ability to alert you if an outage occurs that prevents delivery to a specific plugin, for example. With this feature we’ll relay important information, like ETAs and status updates, if there’s a problem.


  • Minor forms will now always display properly when selected while completing the Universal Appraisal Review Rules (UARR) in TOTAL Connect’s Review Viewer.
  • To accommodate the new Documents tab, the default size of the TOTAL Connect window has been increased.
  • Unnecessary pages will no longer be included when printing Order Details from TOTAL Connect when a large amount of information is in the "Instructions" tab.

Order Management

  • Users now have the option to cancel orders that have been placed On Hold by the client in TOTAL Connect.


  • Corrected an issue which could prevent the Metro‑West plugins from displaying in the list of available TOTAL Connect plugins.
  • When delivery is initiated, TOTAL Connect now reviews its system files and replaces any that may be missing or out‑of‑date to prevent issues before they occur.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause TOTAL Connect to crash when delivering ValueIT orders to the client through the Valuation Support Services (VSS) plugin.
  • Two separate issues were identified and corrected where "an unexpected error" would occur when attempting to deliver a report via certain plugins.

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