TOTAL Connect April 8th, 2014 Update

This document details the changes for TOTAL Connect, released April 08, 2014.

Document 9803  |  Last updated:  04/08/2014 ACN

This update contains improvements throughout TOTAL Connect.

Noteworthy Changes:

  • TOTAL Connect delivery simplified

    Significant changes have been made to simplify the way TOTAL Connect delivers your reports. Some plugins must now be started from within your form filling software, but don't worry if you start delivery in TOTAL Connect. We'll guide you in the right direction.

  • TOTAL Connect no longer pays attention to primary formfiller

    You don't have to set your primary formfilling software before delivering or exporting orders. Now, features that rely on this setting are simpler, with streamlining communications with integrated software programs like TOTAL and WinTOTAL.


  • Delivery plugins now launch on the same monitor that delivery is initiated from.
  • File attachments added when an order is created are now visible in TOTAL Connect.
  • TOTAL Connect will now load properly when a slow internet connection is in use.
  • A problem which prevented some customers from opening TOTAL Connect has been fixed.
  • A rare issue was corrected which could cause an error to occur when delivering a report which had been associated to an order from WinTOTAL through TOTAL Connect.
  • Appraiser Name now displays correctly when viewing an order's History.
  • The Contact Information section is now included in the printed page(s) when an order's details are printed from within TOTAL Connect.
  • The Deliver button is now disabled after the first click to prevent multiple delivery windows from opening.
  • The Export button on the toolbar in the order details window now has a drop‑down menu displaying the programs available to export a report
  • The status for orders can no longer be changed for orders previously cancelled or conditionally declined.


  • The Metro‑West plugin now shows in the plugin list in WinTOTAL and TOTAL.
  • The AMC name will no longer be removed when delivering to AppraisalPort from SFREP/Appraise‑It.
  • A dialogue can now be shown in TOTAL Connect when new features or enhancements are available.
  • An issue was fixed which could prevent certain signature files from converting when delivering a report to AppraisalPort.
  • Cancelled orders no longer show in the list of orders available for delivery.
  • Delivering a report with an image embedded in a text addendum to AppraisalPort is now handled correctly.
  • Scanned legal page forms no longer count against the subject photo limit when delivering to AppraisalPort.
  • The UARR rules were updated to accommodate certain fields becoming UCDP hard stops at the beginning of January 2014.

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