TOTAL Connect February 19, 2014 Update

This document details the changes for TOTAL Connect, released February 19, 2014.

Document 9802  |  Last updated:  04/07/2014 ACN

This update contains improvements throughout TOTAL Connect.


  • TOTAL Connect will now open files containing appraisal orders (.APO, .RXML, & .ORD files), then allow those orders to be exported to your primary form filling software to ensure a seamless integration between the two programs through report creation and delivery.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the list of delivery plugins to appear blank when accessed from within your form filling software.
  • Redesigned TOTAL Connect’s sign in screen to better explain that an a la mode username and password is required.
  • An issue has been resolved which could prevent some orders integrated with an XSite from being delivered with WinTOTAL Aurora.
  • A dialogue displaying the folder path to WinTOTAL's plugin directory will no longer show after delivering a report via TOTAL Connect.
  • Identified and corrected an issue where certain anti‑virus software was preventing files required for plugin delivery from being downloaded.


  • New conversion status messages will be shown during delivery if a version of the USPAP Identification Addendum that’s "Not Supported" by the AI Ready format is being sent. The new messaging indicates which version of the form can be converted to AI Ready format and delivered to your client.
  • Corrected an issue which could cause the OADI Envelope Uploader to freeze while loading.
  • TOTAL Connect’s built‑in Universal Appraisal Review Rules (UARR) now verify that the formatting used in the Design/Style and Garage/Carport fields meets UAD standards when delivering Single Family and Condo reports.
  • Username and password information entered in WinTOTAL Aurora will now transfer into TOTAL Connect’s plugins automatically.


  • Signatures and report images saved as .PCX files on your computer are now converted to AI Ready format when delivered via the AppraisalPort plugin.


  • CoreLogic passwords containing allowed special characters are now accepted when delivering via TOTAL Connect.

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