TOTAL Connect November 2013 Update

This document details the changes for TOTAL Connect, released November 12, 2013.

Document 9801  |  Last updated:  04/07/2014 MJY

This update contains improvements throughout TOTAL Connect.


  • An option to Sign in automatically has been added to TOTAL Connect's login screen, and an option to Sign out is now included in the File menu.
  • An Export button has been added to the toolbar in Order Details.
  • The Export, Deliver, and Print buttons have been moved from the top menu bar to the Orders toolbar so all order action buttons display in one location on the Dashboard.
  • Any fields in Order Details, the Instructions tab, and the Contacts tab that contain information will be included when printing orders.
  • Transaction fee responsibility is now handled appropriately when conditionally declining an order for a fee above the Published/Median fees.


  • Additional Comments and Product Requirements from Mercury Network orders are now available in the Instructions tab in TOTAL Connect.
  • Lender contact information will now be correctly displayed in the Contacts tab.
  • Information shown in the Contacts and Details tabs can now be highlighted and copied so it can be pasted elsewhere.
  • All applicable statuses will now be available in orders which are Pending Quality Review.
  • The Published Fee shown in an order's details will now reflect the Published Fee that was set at the time the order was accepted if that fee has since been changed.
  • All contact information related to an order will now be available in Order Details.
  • The Instructions tab now contains information detailing whether or not a MISMO XML is required for delivery.


  • Reports can now be delivered in PDF format from TOTAL Connect when the associated order doesn't require an XML.
  • When delivery is initiated, TOTAL Connect will now automatically select the correct plugin from the list when it's able to be identified.
  • Comparable data will now always display correctly in the Review Viewer when delivering XML files.
  • Corrected an issue which could cause the major form to display with an incorrect description in the Review Viewer during delivery.
  • The USPAP checklist will now display correctly during delivery when Windows' display settings are configured to Medium or Large.
  • The addenda contained within ACI reports will now convert properly when delivered through TOTAL Connect's plugins.
  • Attempting to deliver an order in a Cancelled status will now present the list of available orders for the selected plugin so a deliverable order can be chosen.
  • Workflow changes have been implemented to improve the order in which certain plugin screens are encountered during delivery.


  • Checking the box to state that there aren't commercial spaces in the area will no longer trigger a UARR Warning for a blank description.

AppraisalPort Plugin

  • Released a feature that checks the files required by the OADI Envelope Uploader during delivery to evaluate whether they've been incorrectly registered by another program, and if so, fixes the problem automatically allowing delivery to proceed.
  • Resolved an issue which could cause the OADI Envelope Uploader to freeze while uploading reports to AppraisalPort.
  • A progress bar will now be displayed when converting reports to AI Ready format (.ENV).
  • Special characters in addenda and/or Additional Comments fields will now display correctly after reports are converted to .ENV format.

Electronic Partner Connection Plugin

  • Reports delivered with the Electronic Partner Connection plugin will now require an invoice to be attached for delivery to proceed.

PCV Murcor Plugin

  • Reports delivered via the PCV Murcor plugin will now contain a MISMO XML file if they contain a UAD compliant major form.

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