This document answers the most common questions about TOTAL Connect.

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What is TOTAL Connect?

TOTAL Connect is our replacement to XSite Order Manager and WinTOTAL Aurora's delivery plugins. It's a system for you to deliver reports and manage your orders. This includes delivery of your appraisals via Mercury Network and TOTAL Connect Pro partners (also known as "plugins" in XSite Order Manager and WinTOTAL.)

How do I sign in?

To log into TOTAL Connect, simply use your normal a la mode username and password. For detailed instructions on logging in, click here.

What is the cost?

You may need to purchase a TOTAL Connect Pro contract depending on what plugin you need to use. Some delivery plugins are included with TOTAL Connect free of charge, but other plugins require a TOTAL Connect Pro contract.

Click here for a list of plugins included in TOTAL Connect

Plugins included with the TOTAL Connect for free:

  • XML + PDF via DataCourier
  • Mercury Network
  • Xome Valuations

Plugins that require a TOTAL Connect Pro contract:

  • Amrock
  • AppraisalPort (AI Ready .ENV files)
  • CoreLogic Valuation Services (CLVS)
  • GAC/ISGN Solutions, Inc.
  • Metro‑West
  • XSite Delivery

Click here for more information about TOTAL Connect Pro.

With TOTAL Connect handling my delivery plugins, do I need my XSite for delivery any more?

No, you don't need an XSite to deliver to lenders and AMCs. Instead of delivering through your XSite, your delivery plugins are now all available through TOTAL Connect. While some delivery plugins are available for free (including the Mercury Network plugin, DataCourier, and more), some plugins require a TOTAL Connect Pro contract. If you need to use one of the paid plugins, you'll need to purchase TOTAL Connect Pro. Click here to read more about TOTAL Connect Pro and view a complete list of free plugins versus plugins requiring a TOTAL Connect Pro contract.

(Aurora users) How can I continue to use Aurora's built-in order management features (such as net.X Connect) alongside TOTAL Connect?

Aurora's net.X Connect will continue to function just as it does now:  It will keep your Appraisal Desktop synchronized with your XSite including status, completed reports, and documents. Of course, you can view and set internal statuses in TOTAL Connect as well. It's up to you.

(TOTAL users) Can I continue to use XSite Order Manager to deliver my reports?

No. Once you install TOTAL Connect, all your TOTAL Connect Pro deliveries will go through TOTAL Connect. TOTAL Connect is a vast improvement and much more reliable than our older XSites Order Manager (which wasn't designed for TOTAL, and created problems for some users). But don't worry, your workflow won't change much because everything is so tightly integrated. You'll also appreciate the added compliance features that XSite Order Manager was lacking.

I have an XSite, and I've used XSite Order Manager to deliver my reports that were not created with WinTOTAL or TOTAL. Will TOTAL Connect convert files from "non‑a la mode" software so I can deliver them to my clients?

As with XSite Order Manager, TOTAL Connect will work with any a la mode software. TOTAL Connect also integrates seamlessly with SFREP and WCA/Wilson form filling software, allowing users to deliver to TOTAL Connect Pro plugins from within your reports. For instructions on how to deliver reports with TOTAL Connect from SFREP or Wilson, click here to view the User's Guide and then select the delivery instructions for the plugin you're delivering your report to. Several plugins also support the delivery of a MISMO XML file. Any form filling software with the ability to generate a MISMO XML file can be used with TOTAL Connect. Click here for more information regarding which plugins support the delivery of a MISMO XML file.

My client uses Mercury Network, and they are saying I need to deliver my report using the Mercury Network plugin or that they want their rules run against the appraisal prior to delivery. What do I do?

You should install TOTAL Connect. Once installed, follow the directions found here.

How do I download TOTAL Connect?

How to download and install TOTAL Connect.

Where can I get more information on TOTAL Connect?

TOTAL Connect User's Guide

TOTAL Connect product overview

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