FHA600 - digital signature hard stop

This document explains what the FHA600 Hard Stop is, and how it affects your delivery.

Document 9313  ¦  Last updated:  08/16/2017 RR2

You may find that some clients are now requiring an "XML-D" signature, or "appraiser digital signature", in order for your reports to be accepted after delivery through the FHA EAD Portal.

We have been in touch with the FHA regarding this rule.  It's called FHA600, and it's not officially in place yet.   The FHA will announce when it goes live in 2017 along with FHA601.  This won't happen until all Mortgagees have been onboarded to the EAD Portal.  One necessary prerequisite of the digital signature process is a central authority to manage and distribute the signatures ‑ at this point, one is not yet in place.  We could technically make it look like a signature has been applied, but it would be insecure and misleading.

Some EAD Portal users have adopted this rule early, causing a hard stop when you attempt to deliver your report.  To be clear, while your client may be under the impression these requirements have already been made live, they have not yet been implemented, and your client will need to disregard or override these hard stops.  The FHA is currently working to inform customers that the error should be ignored.

You can click here to confirm that the FHA600 code should be ignored.  If you have any other questions about your hard stop errors, please contact the FHA directly using this link.

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