FHA XML digital signature hard stops

This document explains FHA XML digital signature hard stops and how they affect your delivery.

Document 9313  |  Last updated:  10/19/2021 SPB

You may find that a client is now requesting an "XML‑D signature", "appraiser digital signature", or "XML Digital Signature" before a report is accepted when delivering through the FHA EAD Portal. This is most commonly seen in the form of an FHA hard stop: "FHA600 Appraiser digital signature missing".

We have been working with FHA regarding this rule, and it's not officially in place yet. In fact, on July 11, 2019 FHA released a new announcement stating that the original August 5, 2019 deadline has been delayed until further notice. When they announce the new deadline, we'll release an XML Digital Signature feature in TOTAL and Titan Reports prior to the new date to help you comply with the new FHA rules.

Some EAD Portal users have adopted this rule early which can trigger a hard stop when you attempt to deliver your report. While your client may be under the impression these requirements have already gone into effect, they have not yet been implemented and the deadline has been delayed. FHA's current digital signature hard stops are eligible for automatic override, so your client will need to disregard or override these hard stops. For more information about the new rules surrounding electronic delivery and signatures, click here to read the original press release, or click here to read the new announcement regarding the delay.

If you have any additional questions about your hard stop errors, visit the FHA Resource Center or click here to view their "Contact Us" page.

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