UAD and Acres vs Square Feet

When entering an area in the Site field on a UAD‑compliant appraisal, you'll need to know when to enter acreage (ac) vs. square feet (sf.) This doc will help you know when each unit should be used.

Document 9112  |  Last updated:  01/04/2017 MJY

Regarding the Site field in the comparison grid, the UAD specifies the following:

  • Any site area less than one acre (43560 sf) will be expressed in square feet (sf) up to five digits with no decimals.
  • An area greater than one acre will be expressed as acres (ac) with up to 2 decimal places.

For example:

  • A site area of 44,400 sf would need to be entered as 1.02 ac.
  • A site area of .96 ac would be correctly entered as 41818 sf.

This means that some comps will have square footage and some will have acreage - in the same grid.

While TOTAL will convert the data in your report as you enter it, this chart might be a handy reference.

Click here for a PDF if you'd like to print it.

acre conversion

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