USPAP identification reporting changes

This document explains form changes that were implemented to maintain USPAP compliance.

Document 9021  |  Last updated:  07/21/2015 MJY

The Appraisal Standards Board adopted the 2014‑2015 edition of USPAP in February 2013. As of January 1, 2014 these reporting changes included:

  • The existing Self‑Contained Appraisal Report is no longer a reporting option
  • The two remaining reporting options are:
    • Appraisal Report (formerly Summary Appraisal Report)
    • Restricted Appraisal Report (formerly Restricted Use Appraisal Report)

The USPAP forms that reflect the new reporting options are located in the table of contents with the suffix of [USPAP 2014]. Click here for the most recent edition of USPAP.

For reports being delivered through the AppraisalPort plugin, you must use the USPAP Identification Addendum [USPAP 2014] form, located in the AI Ready folder.

The list of updated forms in TOTAL and WinTOTAL includes:

  • The USPAP ID forms:

  • Restricted Use Appraisal
  • Updates to the Summary Phrase list
  • The GP forms, which have had the following changes:
    GP Residential, GP 2‑4 Unit, GP Condo, and GP Land
    The forms themselves didn't change, but the default title has changed.

    GP Commercial
    The listed checkboxes to select the reporting type have changed.

    GP Restricted Use
    The form was changed to reference USPAP Standards Rule 2‑2(b) instead of 2‑2(c).

Outdated Terminology:

Some forms, such as the 1004 URAR [UAD Version], still include the phrase Summary Appraisal Report. Since this form is copyrighted by Fannie Mae, we are unable to change this until Fannie Mae releases an update. However, terms that are no longer defined in USPAP, if present in a report, are not a violation of USPAP ‑ they just have to be explained somewhere in your report. Ultimately, appraisers (not the forms) must comply with USPAP by meeting the relevant reporting requirements. For further information, click here to reference the USPAP FAQ page.

To download the 2016 Summary of Actions from the Appraisal Foundation, click here. To learn more about the Appraisal Foundation, click here, and for additional questions about Appraisal Standards, click here.

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