Using WinTOTAL And TOTAL With Windows 8

This document outlines the Windows 8 versions that will run WinTOTAL Aurora and TOTAL.

Document 9010  |  Last updated:  12/05/2016 KMG

WinTOTAL Aurora and TOTAL have been designed to run efficiently on your Windows 8 desktop or laptop computer.  As with any software, the more robust your PC is, the better your software performs.

One important item to remember when purchasing a device running Windows 8 is that WinTOTAL and TOTAL can only be installed on Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 8 Pro.  Windows RT, used for oldertablets, only allows you to install programs available in the Windows Store.  Therefore, WinTOTAL and TOTAL can't be installed on any device running Windows RT.

Below are helpful links to Microsoft's product pages.  Keep in mind that anything running Windows RT won't work with WinTOTAL and TOTAL software.

If you have questions about hardware specifications when purchasing a new computer, click here for WinTOTAL's system requirements, or click here for TOTAL's system requirements.  For instructions on launching the WinTOTAL or TOTAL application on Windows 8, see the step by step instructions below.

To open your WinTOTAL or TOTAL software on Windows 8, click the WinTOTAL or TOTAL tile from your Start screen.  If the tile does not initially show on your start screen, there are a few ways you can go about adding it.

Option 1: Start Typing

Simply start typing the word "WinTOTAL" or "TOTAL" from your Start screen.  In Windows 8, when you start typing on your keyboard from the Start screen, it immediately opens a search panel on the right side of your screen and begins searching the keywords you have entered.

Option 2: Open Charms Bar and click Search

  1. Hover over the upper right or the lower right of your screen, or press your Windows key + the letter C to pull up your Charms Bar.

  2. From your Charms Bar, click the search button and you can find your application in the list of apps on the left, or begin typing the name of the program to narrow down the list.

Option 3: Manually browse for the file

  1. From your Start screen, click the Desktop tile to access your Windows desktop. You can also use the Windows Key + E on your keyboard.

  2. From your Windows Desktop, click the Windows File Explorer button in your taskbar, and browse to your WinTOTAL directory.

    • The default path for WinTOTAL is: C:\a la mode\WinTOTAL
    • The default location for TOTAL on a 32 bit version of Windows 8 is: C:\Program Files\a la mode\TOTAL
    • The default location for TOTAL on a 64 bit version of Windows 8 is: C:\Program Files (x86)\a la mode\TOTAL
  3. For WinTOTAL: Simply locate the file named WinTOTAL.exe.
  4. For TOTAL, open the bin folder and locate the file named alamode.winTOTAL.exe.

Once you have located the WinTOTAL or TOTAL application:

  1. Right click the application.
  2. If you searched for the application, there is an option on the lower left that says Pin to Start when you right click the application.

  3. If you used your Charms Bar and clicked search, find WinTOTAL or TOTAL in the list, right click it, and click Pin to Start on the lower left.

  4. If you manually browsed for the application, when you right click the application you'll see a drop‑down menu with the option to Pin to Start.

  5. Return to your Start Screen and click the WinTOTAL or TOTAL tile to launch the program.

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