XSites Network Ranking

This document explains how the XSites Network ranking system works and offers suggestions for better search results as well as ways to improve how you're ranked.

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The ranking system for the XSites Network weighs a number of factors when determining results, but the primary influence is when the XSite was purchased and how long it has been up and running.  The reason we do this is to reward our most loyal XSites customers.

Below is a more in‑depth look at how sites are ranked and how results are displayed on the XSites Network:

How sites are ranked on the XSites Network

Appraisers are ranked on the XSites Network based on the following criteria:

  1. The first highlighted spot is awarded to the XSite with coverage in that county that has the highest visibility on public search engines.  This is determined by a number of factors, including website traffic and responsiveness.
  2. Next, the list displays appraisers whose office is actually in that county, sorted by the length of time their XSite has been active.
  3. Lastly, the list displays appraisers with coverage in that county and they’re sorted by the length of time their XSite has been active.

The XSites Network list is updated once a day, so changes made to their site and coverage won't show up immediately.

XSites Directory Generator vs. XSites Network

There are two different ways sites are listed:

  • XSites Directory Generator results are pages that are linked to from http://www.alamode.com/DirectoryGenerator/default.htm.  The purpose of these pages is to capture search engine traffic by having a frequently updated list of appraiser contact information surrounded by search terms.  Instead of forcing the search engine bots to go through a user interface and make selections, the data is output into a flat file that is easy to crawl.  This system generates thousands of visits to our customer’s sites every week - it's especially effective in rural areas.
  • The XSites Network was designed to be a consumer-facing site for people to search for real estate professionals.

Both sites provide inbound links to our customer sites and help the sites to be discovered by search engines.  This is especially useful for customers that don't take much time to generate a site map or do other search engine related activities to optimize their site for search engines.

Additional things to consider when looking at results

Granular Searches vs. Broad Searches

Depending on how granular your search is when searching the XSites Network, results can differ significantly.  Searching a large area such as an entire state or county returns numerous results — especially in areas with a high volume of appraisers.  Broad searches like this are uncommon.  More often, searches are performed by searching a specific city and/or Zip code.  These searches are much more specific and return hyperlocal results with only a handful of appraisers listed.

For example, searching the entire state of Florida for an appraiser returns thousands of results and refining the search to Collier county still lists over 100 appraisers.  By entering Naples for the city, the results are brought below 40, and by entering 34109 for the Zip code (Zip codes being the most common search method), it reduces the number of appraisers to 4.  That's a big difference.

For more information about XSites Network, click here to view our FAQ.

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