TOTAL for Mobile UAD Questions and Answers

This document addresses the most common questions about how TOTAL for Mobile handles UAD forms.

Document 8051  |  Last updated:  07/13/2015 MJY

Where are the new UAD layouts?

To find the new UAD forms in TOTAL for Mobile, tap Layout when creating a new report and select 1004 [UAD] layout or Condo [UAD] layout.

Why isn't the field I'm in highlighted (cursor placed in the field)?

Certain UAD fields like View are limited by the new GSE rules to a short list of valid responses. To ensure compliance and speed up data entry, we've created QuickList items with all the valid responses that you can select with just a tap. We've also made these fields read‑only (you can't type into them) so that you don't accidentally enter invalid data without noticing.

The panel says QuickLists, but I can't edit it or add new items. Why?

We are using the existing QuickList architecture for UAD Picklists, but they aren't editable. That's because the GSEs have mandated these fields be limited to a specific set of options.

What do the Cs and Qs mean? Does TOTAL for Mobile have guidance?

There currently isn't guidance for UAD fields within TOTAL for Mobile. You can read the GSEs' guidance here (we suggest keeping this link handy on your device's browser or actually saving the link to your device). Guidance will be available in a future version of TOTAL for Mobile.

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