ANSI Compliance: measuring, rounding, and reporting in sketches

This document provides information about ANSI compliance regarding measurements, calculations, rounding, and reporting in floorplans and sketches.

Document 8014  |  Last updated:  10/05/2023 MJY

One of the most common question we hear regarding ANSI compliance is:

To be ANSI compliant, does the sketch in an appraisal need to demonstrate wall dimension precision to the nearest tenth of a foot, or nearest inch?

The answer to that question is no. The ANSI standard doesn't mention sketches or floorplans. The only reporting requirement is in regard to the final square footage — stating it should be rounded to the nearest whole square foot. The scope of ANSI Z765‑2021 is to describe, "…the procedures to be followed in measuring and calculating the square footage…" and says nothing at all about sketches, floorplans, or wall dimensions therein.

ANSI states in section 3:

"…To claim adherence to this standard, the following methods of measurement and calculation must be employed when quantifying square footage in single‑family houses. When using English measurement units, the house is measured to the nearest inch or tenth of a foot; the final square footage is reported to the nearest whole square foot…"

(Emphasis added)

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