Uninstalling TOTAL for Tablet PC

This document explains how to uninstall TOTAL for Tablet PC.

Document 8000  |  Last updated:  12/31/2014 MJY

While TOTAL for Tablet PC is intended for mobile PCs like tablet PCs, slates, and UMPC devices, some appraisers install it on traditional laptop or desktop computers as well. To account for this, we use the word "click" in this document interchangeably with the word "tap".

Windows Vista/Windows 7

  1. Click Start, Control Panel (or Start, Settings, Control Panel if it's not in the main menu).
  2. In the Control Panel, click Category in the upper left corner and change it to Large Icons.
  3. Then, find and double-click Programs and Features.
  4. Find the program you wish to remove in the list, click to select it, and then click Uninstall.

Windows XP

  1. Click Start, Control Panel (or Start, Settings, Control Panel if it's not in the main menu).
  2. Find and double-click Add/Remove Programs.
  3. In the list of programs, find the program name you want to uninstall, click to select it, and then click Remove.

Let the uninstaller complete its uninstallation. Once it's complete, you may need to uninstall additional files or run SafeStart to update your WinTOTAL installation on this computer.

Optional Tasks

While the above steps will remove the application from your system, there may be some files left behind, including any reports you may have worked on with TOTAL for Tablet PC. If you anticipate re‑installing TOTAL for Tablet PC, you can leave these files in place. If you want to scour your system of all traces the program, follow these optional steps.

Running SafeStart

If you're running WinTOTAL on the same machine where you've installed TOTAL for Tablet PC, you must run a SafeStart to update WinTOTAL before you can use it again after removing TOTAL for Tablet PC. To do so:

  1. Click Start, [All] Programs, WinTOTAL, Tech Support Assistant.
  2. Mark the WinTOTAL Utilities option and click Next.
  3. Find and double-click 3. Replace WinTOTAL System Files in the list on the right.
  4. Once SafeStart completes, click Close in the Tech Support Assistant.

You have now successfully removed TOTAL for Tablet PC from your computer.

Clearing Report Files

TOTAL for Tablet PC's uninstaller leaves the reports on your computer in your Documents folder so that you can remove them or leave them at your discretion.

To remove your report files:

  1. Open your My Documents folder (just called Documents in Windows Vista).
  2. In the My Documents folder find and double-click the a la mode folder. Then, double-click to open the Reports folder.
  3. Delete any files in this folder.

Clearing Application Settings

To completely remove TOTAL for Tablet PC from your computer, you can optionally remove its user settings from your computer. To do so:

  1. Open your My Computer icon (just called Computer in Windows Vista).
  2. In Windows XP, click Tools, Folder Options from the menu. If you're using Windows Vista, press the Alt key on your keyboard and then click Tools, Folder Options from the menus.
  3. In the screen that appears, click the View tab.
  4. Find the Hidden files and folders option and mark Show hidden files and folders. Then, click OK to apply the change.
  5. Now, browse out to and delete the following folders. Remember to replace the [Username] section with your Windows profile name (often your name).
    Windows Vista and Windows 7
    • C:\ProgramData\​a la mode\​DaVinci
    • C:\Users\​[Username]\​AppData\​Local\​a la mode\​DaVinci
    Windows XP
    • C:\Documents and Settings\​[Username]\​Local Settings\​Application Data\​a la mode\​DaVinci
    • C:\Documents and Settings\​All Users\​Application Data\​a la mode\​DaVinci
  6. Finally, repeat steps 1‑4 and mark Do not show hidden files and folders instead of Show hidden files and folders.

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