Restoring images in your XSite's header

This document explains how to restore the header image, profile image, and company logo after the recent upgrade from flash-based XSites to responsive, HTML 5 XSites.

Document 7052  |  Last updated:  04/25/2016 MJY

In rare instances, after Appraiser XSites were upgraded to the new, updated layout, one or more of the images in the XSite header appear to be broken.  Actually, these images were broken prior to the update, but the broken images were less visible with the old, flash‑based themes.

To correct this issue, simply remove or reapply each image in the Theme Preferences section of your XSite's Wizard.  To remove your company logo or your profile photo, uncheck the Include my logo and/or Include my photo options.  Or, click each link below for instructions on reapplying the images to your XSite's Header.

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