Realign content in your XSite's header

This document expalins how to realign content in your XSite's header after the recent upgrade from flash-based XSites to responsive, HTML 5 XSites.

Document 7046  |  Last updated:  11/30/2016 KMG

Recently, Appraiser XSites were upgraded from outdated flash‑based themes to new, updated themes.  Prior to the upgrade, flash‑based XSites forced many users to get creative in order to align their company name, secondary text, and other content in the header the way they wanted it to be displayed.  Often, this meant adding whitespace (extra spaces) before or after the company name and other header text.  When the XSites were upgraded to the new layout, those extra spaces were removed in order to keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perimeters intact.  Luckily, the upgrade offers a quick and easy way to adjust the alignment of the content in your header:

  1. Log in to the admin area of your XSite.
  2. Click the XSite button in the primary navigation.  Then, click Theme Prefs.

  3. Remove any whitespace from your company name and/or secondary header text.

  4. Scroll to the top.  In the preview pane, click and drag your company name, secondary header text, or your company logo to reposition it.

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