Adding Google Analytics to XSites

This document outlines the process of adding Google Analytics to your XSite.

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In order to add Google Analytics to your XSite, you must first sign up for a free Analytics account.

  • If you don't have an Analytics account yet, go to to create one for free.  On the account creation page, fill out your account details, and click Get Tracking ID at the bottom of the page.  Then, jump to Step 4 of this document.
  • If you already have an account, follow the instructions below starting with Step 1.
Google Analytics is a third‑party tool and is beyond the control of a la mode.  As such, our technicians will not be able to provide support for this process.  If you need additional assistance in setting up your Analytics account, contact Google support.

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account.
  2. Click Admin in the lower left.  Then, select your Account (A) and Property (B) from the drop‑down menus.

    Select your Account and Property

  3. In the Property column, click Tracking Info and select Tracking Code.

    Select Tracking Code

  4. In the screen that appears, highlight the code in the Website tracking section, right‑click the selected code, and click Copy.

    Website tracking code

  5. Now, log into your XSite admin account and click XSite in the top toolbar.
  6. Once the XSite Wizard loads, click Site Footer in the Content pane on the left.
  7. Check the box to Include a custom footer and then click Customize.
  8. In the editor, click the HTML mode button at the bottom of the editor.

    HTML Button

  9. At the end of any existing code in your footer, paste the code you copied (use Ctrl + V on the keyboard) from Google Analytics and click Update.
  10. Finally, click Save in the Site Footer step to save your changes.

After a few days of data collection, log into Google Analytics to review your web statistics.

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