7011 - Enabling Flash for your XSite in Google Chrome

Enabling Flash for your XSite in Google Chrome

This document explains how to enable Flash for your XSite in the Chrome web browser.

Document 7011  ¦  Last updated:  10/23/2017 RR2

Web browsers are constantly changing.  After recent changes by Google to the Chrome web browser, you might be suddenly unable to view the XSite Wizard, which uses Adobe Flash.  When you access the XSite Wizard, the phrase "Alternate content" appears on a blank page:

Follow the steps below to get back to editing your XSite content in Chrome!

  1. First, open Chrome.  Click the More icon in the upper right, which looks like three dots.   Then, click Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings screen and click Advanced.
  3. Click Content Settings.

  4. Click Flash.

  5. In the Allow section, click Add.
  6. In the Add box, type [*.]appraiserxsites.com, including the brackets and asterisk.  Then, click Add again.
  7. These changes take effect immediately, so you can close your Settings when you're finished.  Simply refresh the XSite Wizard to continue working as usual!

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