7011 - Enabling Flash for your XSite

Enabling Flash for your XSite

This document explains how to enable Flash for your XSite in your web browser.

Document 7011  |  Last updated:  02/06/2018 JH9

Web browsers are constantly changing.  After recent changes to the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers, you might be suddenly unable to view the XSite Wizard, which uses Adobe Flash.  To get back to editing your XSite content, click a panel below to view instructions specific to your browser.

Google Chrome

When you access the XSite Wizard in Google Chrome, and flash has been disabled, the phrase "Alternate content" appears on a blank page.  Follow the steps below to enable Adobe Flash in your web browser.

  1. Just to the left of your website address bar in Chrome, one of two icons is displayed.

    For HTTPS connections, you see a Secure icon.

    For HTTP connections, you see an Info icon.

    Regardless of which icon you have, click on it to view a dropdown menu.

  2. Locate Flash in the menu that appears, and select Always allow on this site from the drop‑down menu.

  3. Finally, you're prompted to reload Chrome.  Click Reload, and your changes take effect immediately.

Microsoft Edge

If you access your XSite with flash disabled in Microsoft Edge, you're prompted to download Adobe Flash.  Follow the step below to enable Adobe Flash in your web browser.

  1. With Microsoft Edge open, press Alt+X.

  2. Click Settings, and select View advanced settings.

  3. Click the Use Adobe Flash Player switch to turn on Adobe Flash.

  4. Finally, refresh the screen and log in to your XSite and it now opens correctly in Microsoft Edge.

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