XSellerate & SPAM Blockers

Working with XSellerate and spam blockers

Document 7004  |  Last updated:  01/04/2017 LD1

To ensure that your XSellerate e‑mail messages reach the as many intended recipients as possible instead of getting filtered out by junk mail blockers:

  1. Have a good list of contacts
    • Use lead‑generation (client data capture) forms on your XSite, and enter in recipient information from your business contacts.
    • If you bought the list of contacts, you can expect that about 10,000 other people bought that same list and that they will be sending nearly infinite quantities of e‑mail to try to recoup the cost of the list. Your message will be in that deluge of e‑mail and will be treated much the same as any other e‑mail message in that wave.
    • Grow your list organically. Use guest books at open houses, trade business cards as you network, ask contacts for their e‑mail address and request their permission to send them informative content.
  2. Customize the Subject line of your e‑mail message
    • You can do this in Step 2 of the XSellerate campaign setup process where you schedule the delivery.
    • Alternatively, you can change this Subject line when you create custom content or edit an existing ad from our ad library.
    • Identical ads with identical subject lines sent out repeatedly will catch the attention of the spam sniffers.
  3. Customize the content of your e‑mail messages
    • If you select a content piece from the ad library without changing it at all, it's likely that the spam sniffers have probably seen that exact piece of content thousands of times.
    • If you customize it so that it has your voice, it will be less likely to be flagged as spam, and it will probably be a lot more effective, because your recipients will be able to tell that it isn’t canned.

As always, we are continually improving the function of the software to customize the content. Realize, though, that despite our best efforts there is no magic bullet. We continue to put tools in your hands to keep you ahead of the curve but regardless, there's no better alternative than a little bit of effort in personalizing the content of your e‑mail messages to put all the odds in your favor.

Keep in mind that the information contained here in no way invalidates a user's right to opt out of an XSellerate campaign. Every XSellerate campaign includes an "opt out" link that recipients can use to discontinue their subscription to your marketing campaigns. This is in accordance with national SPAM laws.

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