Managing Online Orders with TOTAL

The process of receiving and delivering reports is slightly different in TOTAL when compared to WinTOTAL Aurora. We want to keep all you Aurora users in the loop, so this document describes some of the differences between the two, as well as the steps you'll use to receive and deliver your reports in TOTAL.

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If you've been using WinTOTAL Aurora, the report delivery process in TOTAL is very similar and we're sure you'll find delivering and receiving reports is just as efficient and easy. Here's an overview:

TOTAL uses TOTAL Connect to receive and deliver reports:

  • You must install TOTAL Connect to deliver your reports using TOTAL Connect Pro plugins. The installation process is quick and easy. Click here for step‑by‑step instructions.
  • TOTAL Connect automatically walks you through the delivery process for each plugin. Even though it's a separate application, you don't have to worry about opening it to deliver your reports.
  • Any orders you receive through your XSite, or any orders you acknowledge through your client's portal are synchronized and exported to TOTAL using TOTAL Connect.

To synchronize orders and open them in TOTAL:

  1. Begin by opening TOTAL Connect — If you have a TOTAL Connect shortcut, you can launch the program using that too:
    For Windows Vista and 7 users
    Click Start, All Programs, and then click TOTAL Connect.
    For Windows 8 users
    From the Start screen, click the arrow (  ) in the lower left, then click TOTAL Connect.
    For Windows 10 users
    Click Start, locate the TOTAL Connect folder, and then click TOTAL Connect.
  2. Enter your E‑mail address and Password, check Remember my password to avoid reentering it each time you log in, check Sign me in automatically to avoid seeing this screen again until you log out, and/or click OK.

    Log in to TOTAL Connect

  3. Once you have logged in, TOTAL Connect automatically synchronizes your orders and organizes them into folders based on their order status. Click Refresh (  ) at the top of the Orders list at any time to synchronize and update your list of orders.
    If your client requires you to acknowledge an order, it must be acknowledged before it will appear in TOTAL Connect.
  4. To begin working on an order in TOTAL, select the order from the list, click File on the upper left, hover over Export, and select TOTAL.

    Export order to TOTAL

  5. Once you've exported your order, TOTAL opens a new report filled out with any information available in your order. Now you can proceed with the appraisal as you normally would in TOTAL.
If you receive orders from CoreLogic via e‑mail, you need to save the RXML or SXML file to your computer either from your e‑mail or their website. Then simply Open the file in TOTAL Connect and Export it into TOTAL.

That's all there is to it!  You get efficient order management and delivery with TOTAL Connect, and streamlined formfilling with TOTAL.

For more information about the features and processes in TOTAL Connect, click here.

To deliver reports using TOTAL and TOTAL Connect:

  1. Open your report in TOTAL and click the Deliver to Client icon (  ).
  2. Hover over Deliver with TOTAL Connect and select your plugin from the list. If your report is already associated with a plugin, you can also select Using Delivery Plugin Linked to this Report.

  3. For most plugins, the next step is to mark all the pages to include in the delivered report, and choose Print. For some plugins the steps are slightly different. Click here for more information about TOTAL Connect Pro Plugins, including links to step‑by‑step delivery instructions for each one.

TOTAL Connect does the work of keeping your plugins updated, and we do all the work to make sure that the plugins work with their intended destination partner — all so you can do your work faster!

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