Link or relink your TOTAL User and your a la mode account

This document explains how to associate your TOTAL User profile with your a la mode account.

Document 6550  |  Last updated:  07/07/2020 MJY

Linking your TOTAL User profile with your a la mode account has many benefits. Once linked, your settings, QuickLists, and signatures sync automatically and are available on any machine you use to log into TOTAL (or Titan). Moving forward, having your account linked is vital to getting all the benefits as we further integrate products.

If you've already linked your account, but you don't see your signature or QuickLists in Titan — or you see a message in Titan that says "No TOTAL User is linked" — unlink and relink your account to reestablish the link and perform the sync again.

Appraisal Quick Tip: Link your TOTAL User to Titan

Follow the instructions below to link, or unlink and relink your TOTAL User with your a la mode account.

  1. With TOTAL open, click the User Profile icon (  ) on the upper right and select Edit User.

    If your TOTAL User isn't linked to your a la mode account, a red notification badge (  ) appears on the User Profile icon in TOTAL.
  2. In the window that appears:
    • If this is the first time you're linking your TOTAL User, select your a la mode Username from the drop‑down menu, enter your Password, and click Link User.

    • If you're unlinking and relinking your account, go to the Login tab, click Unlink User, and click Yes to confirm. Then, select the username you want to use from the drop‑down menu, enter the associated Password, and click Link User.

  3. When you're finished, click Save.

That's it! Your TOTAL User is now connected to your a la mode account, giving you access to your TOTAL QuickLists and signature(s) in Titan, as well as enabling some of Titan's best features. Click here for instructions on adjusting your Titan Drive automatic backup settings.

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