Link your TOTAL User to your a la mode account

This document explains how to associate your User Profile with your a la mode account.

Document 6550  |  Last updated:  12/18/2018 RR2

To unlock all of Titan’s syncing and sharing features, simply associate your TOTAL User with your a la mode account. This link syncs your QuickLists and signature(s) from TOTAL to Titan. Follow the steps below to begin.

If you haven't linked your account yet, a red notification badge ( ) is shown on the User Profile icon next to the Dashboard button in TOTAL.

  1. Open TOTAL.
  2. Click the Profile icon in the top right and select Edit User.

  3. In the window that appears, enter your a la mode username and password. Then, click Link User.

  4. Choose whether or not to send your TOTAL settings and digital signature(s) to Titan.

  5. When you're finished, click Save.
That's it! Your TOTAL User is now connected to your a la mode account, giving you access to some of Titan's best features.

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