CLVS pre-delivery check FAQ

This document answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the CLVS pre-delivery check.

Document 6522  |  Last updated:  02/20/2015 MJY

What is the CLVS pre‑delivery check?

The pre‑delivery check allows you to complete the CLVS review process prior to signing and delivering the report. This streamlines your delivery process and allows you to make adjustments and provide commentary in the report during your final review, as opposed to cancelling the delivery, returning to the report, and unsigning it to correct any issues.

The commentary you provide during the pre‑delivery check is added to your report as a text addendum.

I don't receive orders from CLVS — can I still use the CLVS pre‑delivery check?

No. The CLVS pre‑delivery check is for CLVS orders only. Orders that originate from other delivery partners can be delivered using the normal delivery plugin without going through a pre‑delivery check. Any non-CLVS orders that are run through pre‑delivery check will fail the CLVS ProQuality Review.

How do I use the CLVS pre‑delivery check?

Using the CLVS pre‑delivery check is easy!  To start the CLVS Pre‑Delivery check, simply click Deliver, hover over Pre‑Delivery Check, and choose CoreLogic Valuation Solutions.

Note that CoreLogic does not support delivery of reports with more than 70 pages. If your report is greater than 70 pages, you must remove any pages over the limit prior to delivery.

For more information, click here.

What if I don't have the Pre‑Delivery Check option in my Deliver menu?

If you don't have the Pre-Delivery Check option in your deliver menu, make sure you've downloaded and installed the latest updates for TOTAL and TOTAL Connect.

To check for updates in TOTAL:
Save and close any open reports. Then, from the Appraisal Desktop, click Help on the upper left, and select Check for Updates from the drop‑down menu.
To check for updates in TOTAL Connect:
Go to Start, [All] Programs, open the TOTAL Connect folder, and click a la mode Update Wizard.

Click here for more information about getting updates in your a la mode products.

Does my report need to be open during the CLVS pre‑delivery check?

No. However, if the report is closed, you'll need to keep it closed until the pre‑delivery check is complete. The same holds true if the report is open — If the report is open when you begin the pre‑delivery check, don't close the report until after the pre‑delivery check is complete.

What is my Vendor ID?  What Username and Password should I use for the CLVS pre‑delivery check?

The Vendor ID is provided to you by CLVS, and the Username and Password is the same as your Username and Password for the CLVS website. If you don't have the Username or Password, you can retrieve it from the CoreLogic Valuation Solutions website. Click here to use the password recovery process on their site.

If I have a question about one of the rules in the CLVS pre‑delivery check, who do I contact?

The rules and questions generated by the pre‑delivery check are created by CoreLogic Valuation Solutions. If you're not sure how to answer a specific question, or if you need clarification on a rule, please contact CoreLogic Valuation Solutions for further assistance. Click here for their contact information.

The information in the report is correct and/or no revisions are needed. Who do I contact to request an override?

If you believe you've received an alert in error, please send an e‑mail to with Override Request as the subject line. Make sure to include the order number as well as the rule that is firing inappropriately. You can also call 888‑672‑8180.

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