Resolve issues when creating a PDF

If you're having problems creating a PDF - whether or not there are photos in the report, this doc will help you fix the issue.

Document 6509  |  Last updated:  01/04/2017 KMG

Aurora and TOTAL have PDF integration built into them that can sometimes require resetting the print driver we provide.  Follow the steps below if your system displays one of the following error messages:

  • An unknown error occurred while creating the PDF
  • Error configuring a PDF printer
  • An error occurred while trying to deliver your report:  The PDF file could not be created
These steps are to fix errors you have when creating a PDF for any report, with or without photos.  To make sure these are the steps you need, try creating a PDF from a simple report that doesn't have any photos.  If you can create a simple PDF that has no photos or signatures, click here to follow these steps instead.

Start by making sure you have the latest updates.  Click here for instructions.

For Aurora users:

  1. Begin by restarting your system.  This is recommended in case programs are running in the background or didn't close out properly.
  2. From your keyboard, press the Windows key + R.

  3. In the Open: field of the Run box, type  tsa.  Then, click OK.

  4. Mark the option for WinTOTAL Utilities, and then click Next.
  5. Then, double‑click the 18. Re‑install PDF‑XChange.exe option from the right column.

  6. During the installation, there are a few prompts, but you don't need to agree to them all.  Here's what to do:
    • If asked to download a PDF viewer, it's not necessary, so don't bother.
    • If asked to register, it's not necessary, so don't bother.
    • If asked to make PDF XChange the "default printer," don't do it.  This can cause confusion later.

That's it!  After the installation, you should be able to successfully create a PDF.

For TOTAL users:

Sometimes it's as simple as making sure TOTAL has properly saved its printer settings.

  1. Open a report.
  2. Click File and then Print Setup.
  3. Under Configure PDF Printer, make sure Internal PDF Driver is selected.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Now attempt the same process as before to create a PDF.
If you continue to experience problems, please contact our support team for further assistance at 1‑800‑ALAMODE.

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