December 10, 2020 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL with the December 10, 2020 update.

Document 6427  |  Last updated:  12/10/2020 MJY


  • For your security, you will now be prompted to save and close all open reports before switching users.
  • We've added measures to prevent TOTAL from locking up on launch.

Public Records Data

  • You'll now be able to dismiss the blue Public Records feedback box for a week at a time using the X in the top, right‑hand corner.
  • To improve desired formatting for proper names etc., we've updated the default casings for multiple fields.
  • Subject Sale History now writes to the Analysis of Prior Sale or Transfer History of the Subject and Comparable Sales field.
  • The recording date is now included in all sale history information.
  • Garage count has been updated to improve accuracy.
  • When transfer data for a specific field causes overflow, it will now append to any data already in your addendum, instead of overwriting existing data.
  • If you change the size of the data preview box for Subject Public Records, it will now be saved as the default size.

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