November 03, 2020 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL with the November 03, 2020 update.

Document 6425  |  Last updated:  11/03/2020 MJY

Public Records Data:

  • Now, you'll only be prompted to add Public Records data once per report. However, you can manually refresh it at any time by clicking Data from the top navigation menu, then clicking Subject Public Records Data.
  • You can now select from five different case options for importing Public Records Data. Go to Settings, Report Transfer, Subject Data, then select your preference.
  • To add clarity, we've changed the verbiage on the data preview screen from Insert to Use Public Records data.
  • We've decreased the size of the preview box to take up less screen real estate.


  • You can now access your last 10 XML files in the File Menu, beside the Recently Opened Reports list.

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