December 17, 2019 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL with the December 17, 2019 update.

Document 6403  |  Last updated:  01/30/2020 MJY


  • Linking your TOTAL User to an a la mode login can now be done by selecting from logins under the account TOTAL is registered to.


  • Merging a completed Uniform Residential Appraisal Report into an Appraisal Update/Completion Report will automatically fill in the "Effective Date of Original Appraisal" with the "Effective Date" of the original report.
  • The Small Income Form will now display "0" in the "Total Actual Monthly Rent" field when the calculation for the field results in 0. In addition, you can enter "0" in this field without it being removed.
  • On the Land Appraisal Report, Sq. Ft. no longer gets unexpectedly replaced with data from the Assignment PowerView.
  • Added new forms for the 2020‑2021 USPAP:
    • 5 new USPAP Identification forms.
    • Updated the General‑Purpose Restricted forms.
  • Added the Data Facts Qualitative Appraisal Report.

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