May 21, 2019 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the May 21, 2019 update.

Document 6390  |  Last updated:  05/21/2019 MJY


  • TOTAL will notify you if Exact is not configured to back up your settings. Clicking this notification will open Exact configuration settings.


  • We now show you the number of files remaining when backing up or restoring data with the Move to New PC tool.
  • We've made improvements to how TOTAL communicates with configuration files shared between the TOTAL Desktop Suite to prevent launching errors.
  • After getting this update, TOTAL will check other TOTAL Desktop Suite products for updates to ensure complete resolution of launching errors.


  • When you print a PDF, we now create the addenda pages before entering the printing process to prevent content from missing.


  • The font color no longer changes to red for the Date of Sale/Time field.

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