September 17, 2018 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the September 17, 2018 update.

Document 6383  |  Last updated:  09/17/2018 MJY


This update is focused on deploying the framework for our upcoming release of SmartExchange — our nationwide network for sharing appraiser‑verified data. Unlike MLS systems, public records, and other sources you currently use to verify property details, SmartExchange gives you immediate access to pure, UAD formatted appraisal data provided by other appraisers who’ve opted in to the program.

With SmartExchange, you can expect:

Faster comps grid completion

Put property data back in your control by connecting to other appraisers for seamless, instant sharing of comparable property data directly inside the Side‑by‑Side PowerView.

Save time on every report

Type in a comp address and have the entire grid filled out instantly. You’ll not only save hours in typing time but also saved time in the review process.

Compliant data sharing

It only works with the comps slots (Comp #1 to #X) in the grids. Since the comps‑only data isn’t assignment specific or client confidential, USPAP isn’t an issue.

No setup at all

Built right inside TOTAL’s comps side‑by‑side, SmartExchange is easy to learn and fits within your existing workflow. No clunky MLS importing. No data reentry.

For more information visit,

Vault Settings

Accounts with Titan Drive will no longer have text or other indications that there are limits to their Vault storage.

User Settings

Indicators have been added to the User menu to encourage users to link their TOTAL User to an a la mode account.

You'll now be able to link your TOTAL User to an a la mode login. This is the first step for seamless account integration between TOTAL and the Titan Family products.


A Data menu option has been added between the Tools and Delivery buttons on your report toolbar. This tab gives you immediate access to all the available data providers inside the TOTAL Store, including a la mode.

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