July 23, 2018 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the July 23, 2018 update.

Document 6380  |  Last updated:  07/23/2018 MJY

Over the past couple of months, some users have experienced troubles getting TOTAL updates. We promptly recognized that and are actively working to improve your experience with the update process. That’s where our TOTAL development is focused now and where it will remain until we’re able to deliver timely, practical, and user‑friendly updates.

For comments pertaining to this update, please email feedback@alamode.com.

Instant Customer Update

  • We’ve improved the update rollback process on networks. If you use TOTAL on a network (server environment), please make sure there are no computers running TOTAL before you begin installing updates.
  • An important TOTAL system file is now backed up during the update installation process.
  • The Instant Customer Updates application is now more effective at closing TOTAL on both standalone and network installations.
  • If TOTAL is unable to install updates, you’ll be prompted to reboot. After you’ve rebooted and relaunched TOTAL, you’ll be reminded to install your updates again. In most cases, a reboot will allow updates to install successfully.


  • During launch, TOTAL will verify an important system file and, if needed, restore it from a backup.
  • TOTAL is now more effective at closing to prevent it from running without a user interface.


  • The SOLIDIFI Desktop — Quantitative form has been added.
  • We’ve fixed a typo on the AI 200.05 form.

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