February 27, 2018 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the February 27, 2018 update.

Document 6375  |  Last updated:  02/27/2018 SPB

Contents PowerView

  • Easily filter forms to see which ones are supported by ENV or MISMO XML.

Photos PowerView

  • You can now choose to use the QuickPix description or the existing label on the form when placing photos from your QuickPix Database. To enable this feature, go to Photos Settings and select your preference.

Side-by-Side PowerView

  • When entering the street name of a comparable address, the city, state, and zip will auto-populate when matched to the subject property. This feature has already been enabled. You can disable it by going to Report Transfer Settings.


  • A subject-only location map can now be added to a blank map form in Map Tools.
  • If you’ve set your header of photo forms to use the Borrower/Client name, your changes made in the Assignment PowerView will now be reproduced in each of the photo forms pages.
  • Your Garage/Carport selections for comps one through three will remain intact when selecting "None" on additional comp pages.

Instant customer updates

  • We’ve resolved an issue that would prevent an update from installing if certain files were locked by your PC.
  • An issue has been fixed that may have prevented updates to install on a workstation that were previously standalone installations of TOTAL.


  • Notifications messages have been streamlined to consume the same amount of screen space every time.
  • Unsupported addenda data will no longer interfere with TOTAL’s performance.

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