June 21, 2017 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the June 21, 2017 update.

Document 6364  |  Last updated:  06/21/2017 MJY

Vault SmartFilters

Use Vault SmartFilters to gauge how many reports are at risk and how many are protected.

  • Filter reports by any of the four Vault statuses.
  • See the percentage of files on your computer or network that are protected.
  • View the number of files per status and watch as they update in real time.


  • While in the Overflow Addenda, use the “Show” menu to switch between your Addenda's QuickList or the source field's QuickList.
  • Your addenda overflows are now connected to the QuickLists for each field, so you can see them wherever you are.


  • Soldifi Desktop Appraisal Report is now AIReady.
  • The new VA Compliance Inspection Report is now available.

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