December 27, 2016 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the December 27, 2016 update.

Document 6356  |  Last updated:  12/27/2016 MJY

Contents PowerView

  • The Contents PowerView will now only show forms matching the search criteria.
  • The Contents PowerView has a link to supporting documentation explaining both UAD XML and ENV supported forms.


  • Easily access your user profile information by hitting the “profile” button in your tool bar.


  • Added new Canadian Employee Relocation Council forms (Canadian ERC, Condo Addendum, Certifications & Limiting Conditions Addendum, Canadian ERC [French], Condo Addendum French], Certifications & Limiting Conditions Addendum [French]).


  • If you deliver a report with two XML supported forms, you can now select which form’s XML is delivered.
  • A dialog box will be displayed when you try to print a form to PDF and XML if the form does not support XML.
  • Fixed a rare issue that occasionally prevented delivery when TOTAL was set to start in Forms View.

Comps Database

  • Set the Grid as the default view in the Comps Database and updated the Comps Database to remember the user’s selected view for subsequent use.
  • Address and Proximity are now part of the default IQ Search fields.
  • IQ Search will always display the Proximity field when selected. (Note:  A subject address is required to use this search criteria).

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